Taken 10.03.2013 || High St.

I’m no photographer by any stretch, but I fancied myself trying to be one and took a photo of the bus stop shelter. I just loved the way the light looked on all the lines. :D

Taken 10.06.2013

Giant Mushrooms! They were on my bus stop right by the apartment, no clue what they are but they were pretty cool looking~

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Taken 10.03.2013 || Rush Run Park

Spent the afternoon on my day off trekking through the forest and invetibaly got caught in the rain, which was more than welcome. I also ran into a hawk! Pretty thrilling since he was at most 20ft from me~

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Taken 10.07.2013.

After a good long wait, I finally have one of the most important things for my altar after years.

This past Saturday I took off for the Ren Faire with a group of friends and visited A Viking’s Dream - one of my favorite booths there. They have everything from wood to humanely and Native obtained pelts from the North. That day I found and fell in love with a coyote pelt who we jokingly named, “Stinky”, because he was a little aromatic that day from humidity.

"Stinky" or alternately named Brol, is now lain respectfully across my dresser along with Braegan and Brenya to keep him company. Coyote is King today~

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The First Day

Today marked my very first day working at Half Price Books! @ A @

Lots of paperwork, lots to learn, lots of questions, and lots of excitement! I’m really looking forward to working here for a long time, its a great environment and so far I really like everyone and feel pretty comfortable~

Aside from being completely wiped out, I’m feeling pretty good~!

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Taken 07.07.2013. || Rush Run Park

A little video of the creek in Rush Run that I was happily spending my time in and around that day.

07.07.2013 || Rush Run Park

Spent my morning in the woods which is Home for me. Went off the trails into the half dry, half muddy creek bed and on some of the deer trails.

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Taken 06.02.2013

After going up to Canada for two weeks to visit Greybriarart and Frostberries, my altar grew and welcomed the Spring officially. I was able to add other additions that have been scattered in boxes and various crannies of the house as well as the new additions that came along with me.

Its feeling very much alive, full, warm, and most of all perfect with room for more growth. <3

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Taken 04.17.2013.
Daryl taking up half the couch because he can and because he&#8217;s the heaviest sleeper and just won&#8217;t budge.

Taken 04.17.2013.

Daryl taking up half the couch because he can and because he’s the heaviest sleeper and just won’t budge.

Taken 4.14.2013.

A milestone of adulthood is managing to put together a queen size Ikea bed alone while sick with a massive sinus infection. Through the swearing, sneezing, coughing, snotting, and more swearing I somehow came out the victor.

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